Ways You Can Give

Today there are a huge variety of options for giving to charity, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Below are the most common vehicles for giving; however, we encourage you to make an appointment with our organization so that we may discuss your philanthropic goals and find the best option for you to become a donor.

Payroll Deduction

Employees of WCF can choose to give to the Foundation through payroll deduction. A donation card should be available in your employee packet or with the foundation liaison within your office. Or simply contact your HR representative to make arrangements, or we at the foundation can assist you.

Link to Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Cash Gift

Gifts of cash are accepted in the form of a check (mail to the foundation) or credit card (credit cards are accepted on our website or you can call the foundation). Cash gifts can be designated in support of a particular nonprofit, program or initiative. It is one of the most convenient ways to give. We also gladly welcome pledges!



Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be very advantageous as you can deduct the fair market value as a charitable contribution and bypass all capital gains taxes. If you are interested in gifting stock, contact the foundation or your financial advisor for details.


A General Bequest is a gift of cash satisfied from an estate’s general assets. A Residual Bequest is a gift that is made after expenses or debt of an estate are paid and a portion or remainder of the estate is donated. If you are interested in making a bequest, talk to your estate attorney for details. In order to be recognized for a bequest, simply send a copy of your legal documents mentioning the bequest to the foundation.

Life Insurance

A unique way to give is through an existing “paid up” life insurance policy. This allows the donor to make a significant contribution to the organization while receiving tax benefits equal to the replacement value or cost basis of the policy, whichever is less.

Gifts In-Kind

Any gift of a service or an item needed by the organization, such as computer technology or fundraising supplies is considered a Gift In Kind. These gifts are vital to our success and we deeply appreciate them. If you have an in-kind gift you would like to donate, please contact the foundation.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

A great way to honor a loved one is through a memorial contribution to the foundation. You can specify gifts in memory of your loved one to support a specific issue affecting women, or allow the foundation to grant the money to the best possible programs impacting women in our community.

WCFF is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit EMPLOYEE

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