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The issues we engage in are dynamic and deeply rooted in the community — just like the women we aim to support. Moreover, these issues will not be solved through our efforts alone or the efforts of any one organization operating in a silo.

Therefore, in order to effectively tackle the complex issues affecting women today, we must partner with multiple grantees and other funding sources, join together in taking risks, purposefully explore innovative solutions and harness the power of collaboration.

The WCFF strives to engage with our grantees and partners in a true spirit of trust, candid communication and transparency — not competition. Our collective efforts drastically increase the possibility of affecting real change.

Women’s Affinity Group

Access to financial resources are only a small aspect of success for nonprofits, and because they often unintentionally waste more money than any other sector, our foundation has made it a priority to support nonprofits serving women with more than just dollars. Organizations who qualify — serving women’s health and well-being in Central Florida — can become members of our affinity group, increasing their impact as well as their ability to compete for limited financial resources.

In addition to select financial support, our affinity group members also have access to professional volunteer services, organizational and program assessments, training and development programs, and opportunities for peer-learning and collaboration. Each of these services are free of charge and help expand nonprofit capacity and impact in our area.

Niche affinity groups such as ours are quickly becoming a powerful accelerator for the social sector. These forums offer individuals with similar interests and experiences an opportunity to network, share ideas and problem solve outside their daily practice groups.

On an individual level, our affinity group members benefit from professional and personal development opportunities that emerge from within the group, including guest speakers, team building activities, assessments, consultations and more. On the foundation level, WCFF benefits from new ideas, greater diversity and collaboration within the community.

Nonprofit organizations located in our service area who do not serve our targeted population — and therefore are not qualified for our affinity group — are invited to use our programs and services for a small fee. Contact our organization for more information.

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