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By donating to WCFF, you can impact the very specific goal of improving women’s health and wellbeing in our local community. In addition, because you have a foundation to oversee grants and improve capacity building, you are able to rest assured that the nonprofits we serve are not only receiving grant money, but are benefiting from the services and support of nonprofits within our affinity group.

We collaborate with grantee and partner organizations to fund proposals that align with our strategic priorities and the organization’s focus and capabilities. An important part of this process is reaching an agreement on what success will look like.

We structure grants in a way that makes sense from a financial perspective while also funding partners for the cost of delivering results. This is made possible by open and honest dialogue about the resources required. As grant proposals are finalized, we try to gain a complete and accurate understanding of the total cost to execute the project efficiently and effectively.

With your donation and support, the WCFF is able to help change the story for many of the women in our community, by offering support to achieve their goals and dreams. Every dollar makes a difference in how we build a brighter, stronger community, together.

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